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Opt2Grow Announces Claudia Siregar as Esteemed Partner for the ASIA Region


Opt2Grow Announces Claudia Siregar as Esteemed Partner for the ASIA Region

[London, 18/09/2023] – Opt2Grow, a pioneering force in sustainable business progression, is delighted to announce the appointment of Claudia Siregar as its esteemed partner for the ASIA region. As Opt2Grow continues its mission to aid businesses in realizing their full potential, the integration of global experts like Claudia further strengthens the company’s global presence.

Claudia Siregar, with her rich background and vast experience, aligns seamlessly with Opt2Grow’s aspirations. As the founder and director of Linking Asia 21, based in Singapore and Indonesia, Claudia has dedicated over 13 years to developing expert communities and curating platforms for knowledge-sharing. Her efforts, characterized by a blend of traditional and non-traditional growth strategies amplified by technology, have been transformative for businesses expanding into new markets.

In addition to her success with Linking Asia 21, Claudia co-founded ASIA Research Media, further showcasing her commitment to content creation, B2B marketing, and market expansion strategies. Her recent work as a Strategic Advisor with Zaki International highlights her versatility and drive to position businesses on the global stage. Collaborating with business stalwarts like Brian Tracy and Medhat Zaki, Claudia’s initiatives focus on branding, positioning, and expanding outreach across diverse linguistic landscapes.

With an Indonesian-German background, Claudia adeptly navigates the intricacies of the ASIA landscape, offering effective business solutions for both Eastern and Western enterprises. Embodying the Indonesian philosophy of “gotong-royong” or community building, Claudia has provided invaluable insights benefiting businesses in Europe and beyond. Her contributions to the promotion of this philosophy are evident in her published book chapter alongside Brian Tracy and other global entrepreneurs.

In 2023, Claudia’s exceptional talents were recognized with two prestigious awards: the “Best Inspiring & Creativity Award” by Majalah Penghargaan Indonesia and the “ASEAN Top Women Leadership Award” by Indonesia Award Magazine for Social Impact for Change Future and Social Impact in Business.

“Opt2Grow is thrilled to welcome Claudia Siregar to our team. Her expertise, insights, and commitment to bridging the East and West will undoubtedly enhance our offerings in the ASIA region,” said Roberto R. Bugatto, Founder of Opt2Grow.

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